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BONUS: Texas Podacalypse Meet Up! (4/21/18)
April 23, 2018 Secret Transmission Podcast
This little bonus was recorded at the Dallas Texas podcast meet up on 4/21/18 called the Texas Podacalypse! It was a great time, got to meet fellow Texas podcasts and talk a little about their show! WARNING: It was very windy.. Audio might be a little spotty in a few places. (LOST AUDIO) Hannah from Texas 10-31 Richie The Wiz Kid from Best Darn Diddly Michael from Avert Your Eyes Podcast Brandon Nature of the Beast and Big Conversation Podcast Krista of Dark Divide and also in Big Conversation Podcast Matt from Whiskey Boy Radio Shea from All Crime No Cattle Didn't get a chance to talk to True Crime Fan Club Podcast Swindled
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