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Episode 55 Backmasking 2: Backmask Harder
June 09, 2017 Secret Transmission Podcast
Bust out your record player again! Get ready to scratch your favorite records trying to find hidden messages!? The Transmitters (Rudy, Kristen, and Toby) listen to songs that the internet believes has hidden messages! Someone took the time to listen to music... backwards... and found these messages. What do you hear? Play along at home! We might ruin some of our favorite songs!? Does Satan like cinnamon? Drink pepsi? Are boy bands how the devil gets to the youth? Did Dave from Parlipod make Toby feel self conscious about being Texan? Does anyone remember the "N.E.R.D." band? Is the devil dirty? Was Toby a man when he was a boy? Who wants "Nazi lands"? Drink pepsi! Will you let your kids watch Dora the Explorer? All this and more probably won't be answered as we... TRY TO EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE! --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- SONGS PLAYED IN EPISODE---------------------- --------------------------------------------- (At Around 4:37) Artist: No Doubt Song: It's my Life Album: The Singles 1992–2003(2003) (At Around 6:14) Song: Dora the Explorer Intro From the hit children's show "Dora the Explorer" On Nickelodeon from 2000-2014 (At Around 8:50) Artist: Hilary Duff Song: So Yesterday Album: Metamorphosis (2003) (At Around 11:02) Artist: Jonas Brothers Song: Kids of the Future Album: Jonas Brothers [Self Titled Album](2007) (At Around 13:38) Artist: Rihanna Song: Disturbia Album: Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded (2008) (At Around 21:30) Artist: Lady Gaga Song: So Happy I Could Die Album: The Fame Monster (2009) (At Around 24:00) Artist: Madonna Song: Dress You Up Album: Like a Virgin (1984) (At Around 27:50) Artist: Madonna Song: Like A Prayer Album: Like a Prayer (1989) (At Around 30:58) Artist: Madonna Song: Give it 2 Me Ft Pharrell Williams Album: Hard Candy (2008) (At Around 36:29) Artist: Among Thorns Song: Jesus Christ Album: Desperate (2001) (At Around 40:03) Artist:Lady Gaga Song: Bloody Mary Album: Born This Way (2011) (At Around 40:30) Artist: Beyonce Song: Single Ladies Album: I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008) _______________________________________ Our sponsors social media and website links! -------------------------------------------- LeFawn Magazine Website: Twitter: _______________________________________ Our show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and YouTube! Just search for "Secret Transmission Podcast" Please subscribe, rate, and review! Order a shirt to help support the show! Twitter: @secrettranspod Instagram: @secrettranspod Facebook: Email: Thank you for listening! _______________________________________ Podcasts you should look up! Parlipod Twitter: @parlipod Website: Zeng This Twitter: @ZengThis Website: Two Black Eyes Twitter: @tbepod Website: ======================== Also Check Out: Cryptid Crate Twitter: @CryptidCrate Website: ______________________________________
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