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Episode 54 Jeffrey Dahmer
June 02, 2017 Secret Transmission Podcast
One of the sickest serial killers the Transmitters (Toby, Kristen, Rudy, and Tyler) have talked about to date... and pay no attention to the crickets! I wouldn't recommend listening to this one with kids (or any of our shows for that matter). Lots of death and dismemberment in this one. How was Jeffrey's childhood? Will Kristen kill Toby one day? Was Jeffrey the class clown? Do kids normally play with animal bones? Jeffrey interviewed a Vice President? What is "Dahmer Smooth"? Rudy can't be a serial killer because he's not that smooth? How young was Jeffrey when he started having fantasies about killing? Did Jeffrey try to make zombies? Who was Hitchhiker Hikes? The cats won't stop molesting everyone? Does Jeffrey's story go full circle? Why does Jeffrey have a mannequin? How did Jeffrey lure men to his home and sedate them? Did Jeffrey keep pictures of his victims? Did he also keep some of their body parts? All this and more probably won't be answered as we... TRY TO EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE! _______________________________________ Our sponsors social media and website links! -------------------------------------------- LeFawn Magazine ORDER ISSUE 6! Website: Twitter: _______________________________________ Our show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and YouTube! Just search for "Secret Transmission Podcast" Please subscribe, rate, and review! Order a shirt to help support the show! Twitter: @secrettranspod Instagram: @secrettranspod Facebook: Email: Thank you for listening! _______________________________________ Podcasts you should look up! Parlipod Twitter: @parlipod Website: True Crime Fan Club Podcast Twitter: @tcfcpod Website: My Thing Can Beat Your Thing Twitter: @ThingBeatsThing Website: How Have You Not Seen Twitter: @HHYNS_Movies Website: Sudden Double Deep Twitter: @SDDFilmPodcast Website: ______________________________________ Most of Our Sources: -------------------- The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (Documentry on Hulu)
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