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Episode 49 Oklahoma City Bombing
April 20, 2017 Secret Transmission Podcast
In this unofficial part 3 of this series of Ruby Ridge, Waco Siege, and now the Oklahoma City Bombing. The Transmitters (Toby, Rudy, Kristen, & Crickets in the background?) try to figure out if there is a connection! Does Toby jump the shark right off the bat? Does the Waco Siege and Ruby Ridge connect to the bombing? Who is Timothy McVeigh? How was his up bringing? Was McVeigh at Waco during the Siege? Did McVeigh hand out cards with the man that sniped a woman at Ruby Ridge for someone to kill him? What is the official time line of events happen? What was the weird noise? Who's leg was found? Mash like the show? Was the original Judge bias and had to be replaced? Did people change their stories during the trial? Was there any fishy deaths after the bombing to witnesses? How many "John Doe #2" were there? All this and more probably won't be answered as we... TRY TO EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE! _______________________________________ Our sponsors social media and website links! -------------------------------------------- Birds of a Feather Coffee Company Website: Save 10% on your first order when you use promo code "SECRET" Twitter: LeFawn Magazine Website: Twitter: Fantasy-horror book A Gathering of Twine by Martin Adil-Smith Website: Twitter: _______________________________________ Our show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and YouTube! Just search for "Secret Transmission Podcast" Please subscribe, rate, and review! Order a shirt to help support the show! Twitter: @secrettranspod Instagram: @secrettranspod Facebook: Email: Thank you for listening! _______________________________________ Podcasts you should look up! Saturday Morning Pajamas Twitter: @SMP_Jax Website: Strange Animals Podcast Twitter: @StrangeBeasties Website: Two Black Eyes Podcast Twitter: @tbepod Website: Parlipod Twitter: @parlipod Website: _______________________________________ Some of our sources: ===================
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