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Episode 48 Waco Siege
April 14, 2017 Secret Transmission Podcast
Did the ATF and FBI mess up again? After last weeks talk about Ruby Ridge, we move on to another sketchy incident that happened in Waco, Texas in 1993. The transmitters (Rudy, Tyler, Kristen, and Toby) talk about David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, the Mount Carmel compound, and try to find out what went wrong during the stand off with the FBI. What were the Branch Davidians or the Seventh-day Adventists? How did they form as a religious group? Who is David Koresh? Did David Koresh have a troubled past? Does Toby and David have something in common? God told David to have a child with a 65 year old woman? Did David have a gunfight with a previous leader of the Davidians? Did the previous leader kill someone? Tyler and Toby has never played Clue? How did David obtain the Mount Carmel property? Was David preparing for the "end of days"? What did the news paper write about David? Director Robert Rodriguez was an undercover ATF agent, or are we confused? A mail man found hand grenades in a package to Mount Carmel? What is a "hell fire trigger"? Did the Davidians need to pay a $200 tax on each automatic weapon? How did the Davidians make money for the compound? Did the Davidians have a meth lab at Mount Carmel? What was "SHOWTIME"? What tactics did the FBI use to try and get the people to leave the compound? All this and more probably won't be answered as we... TRY TO EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE! _______________________________________ Our show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and YouTube! Just search for "Secret Transmission Podcast" Please subscribe, rate, and review! Order a shirt to help support the show! Twitter: @secrettranspod Instagram: @secrettranspod Facebook: Email: Thank you for listening! _______________________________________ Podcasts you should look up! Hysteria 51 Twitter: @Hysteria51Pod Website: Regular Irregularities Podcast Twitter: @podcast_ri Website: Zeng This! Twitter: @ZengThis Website: Parlipod Twitter: @parlipod Website: _______________________________________ Some of our sources: =================== Waco the Big Lie 1 of 3 Waco the Big Lie 2 of 3 Waco the Big Lie 3 of 3
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