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Episode 47 Ruby Ridge Standoff
April 07, 2017 Secret Transmission Podcast
Ruby Ridge was the home of the Weavers, but the ATF had a stand off with this family living off the grid. Listen to the Transmitters (Toby, Rudy, Tyler, and Kristen) as they try to figure out what went wrong in this incident. Who are The Weavers? Why did they move to the mountans? Which hosts weren't alive during this incident? Who is an orange expert? Why were the Weavers trying to go off the grid? Who was "The Order"? Did they bomb bank trucks? Is "The Order" the reason why the FBI was trying to crack down on mulitia groups? Did Randy Weaver sell sawed off shot guns? Why wouldn't someone just buy shot guns? Was a man named Gus a rat? How did Randy get caught selling the illegal sawed off shot guns? Did Randy get told by the Government if he didn't show up to court, they would take his land? Who gets attacked by a cat? Did Toby and Rudy get Mandelaed about the date of Ruby Ridge? Why were the ATF spying on the Weavers? What happened when they snuck up the montain in cameo to spy on the Weavers? Did the agents get pinned down in the woods by the Weavers in a gun fight? What were the special rules of engagement that were drafted for this case? What kind of intimadation techinics did the government use? Were the Marshalls upset by the special rules of engagement? Who all got killed by the sniper? Who is Dick Rodgers? Why did the government knock over all the buildings on the property? What was up with the robot the feds sent up to the house? How did they convince the Weavers to come down? Did media and techonlogy help uncover this incident? Who tried to talk to sexbots? All this and more probably won't be answered as we... TRY TO EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE! _______________________________________ Our show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and YouTube! Just search for "Secret Transmission Podcast" Please subscribe, rate, and review! Order a shirt to help support the show! Twitter: @secrettranspod Facebook: Email: Instagram: @secrettranspod Thank you for listening! _______________________________________ Podcasts you should look up! Regular Irregularities Podcast Twitter: @podcast_ri Website: Project Archivist Twitter: @ProjectArchivis Website: Zeng This! Twitter: @ZengThis Website: Parlipod Twitter: @parlipod Website: Hysteria 51 Twitter: @Hysteria51Pod Website: Not Historians Podcast Twitter: @NotHistorians Website: _______________________________________ Some of our sources: ===================
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