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After Dark: Ep 2 - After Dark Harder
September 16, 2016 Secret Transmission Podcast

SECRET TRANSMISSION PODCAST PRESENTS: AFTER DARK Episode 2 After Dark Harder No research, no particular topic.. Gibson, Kristen, Tyler, Rudy & Toby talk about: -The tooth fairy -Slender Man (Myths and legends) -Scary Movie Sequels/Remakes -TV Shows (All shows make you side with the bad guy?) -Pokemon Go (the myths and legends already) -Parenting -Navy life with Tyler (Navy myths, stories, and general talk) -Future episodes -Dark Web -Wal-Mart Death Camps? -Jad helm/martial law conspiracy theories -Unbelievable Podcast -Polar Reversal -End of the World -"Good Boobs" Shout outs to other podcast! Find them all on iTunes! ____________ Podcast 1289 Project Archivist The Royal We Hats Hats Hats Tattooed Bananas Is Anyone There? UFO Buster Radio Geek Yogurt Podcast Follow us on Twitter: @secrettranspod Email Us: Leave us a voicemail! Tell us what you think of previous episodes, tell us what topics that you would like us to cover, or just tell us you love us! Leave us anything! Tell us a story of a weird experience! (304)602-SHHH or (304) 602-7444 Thank you for listening to this edition of Secret Transmission's "After Dark".

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